Staines Memorial College

In June 2022, we marked a momentous occasion as Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, reached the remarkable milestone of her Platinum Jubilee. To honour this historic event, Staines Memorial College embarked on a meaningful project, one that involved the planting of numerous trees throughout our campus.

As a part of this commemorative project, trees were carefully planted along our Primary and Secondary pathways, around our Community Hub, behind our Sports Centre, and within our precious wildlife corridor. The enduring benefits that these trees will bestow upon our children and the environment are bound to have a profoundly positive impact well into the future.

Federal MP Shayne Neumann joined us for this special occasion, adding to the significance of the event.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the Australian Government for providing $20,000 for this project, and the work of Tim Biddle who applied for the grant and was involved in the initial design of the project.  

Additionally, we want to acknowledge the commendable work of Andrew Lennox, who oversaw the seamless implementation of the project. Furthermore, a big thank you to Adam and Melinda Johnston, Callum and Lara Greenaway, Angus Johnston, and Jonas Lennox for their invaluable contributions in planning and planting the trees.

They were supported by our dedicated Property Team, including Jill McIntosh, Ken Treloar, Steph Fergusson, and John Petersen, all under the outstanding leadership of Frank Sanders. Together, this collective effort has made our campus a greener and more sustainable place for generations to come.

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