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Sports Update

Term 1, Week 7

Last week saw the SMC Rams Volleyball, AFL and Basketball teams make the trip out to Redeemer Lutheran College for Round 4 of GBC sport.

As we reflect on this week’s games, let’s continue to support and encourage our student athletes in their endeavours. With determination, teamwork, and perseverance, we’re confident that Staines will continue to excel in sportsmanship and achievement.


GBC Primary


Our 3/4 and 5/6 AFL teams went to Redeemer Lutheran College to contest Round 4 of the season.

Our 3/4 team played against a solid Redeemer team, who were generous enough to lend us some players for the first half of the game. After a slow start the team found their confidence and started to climb back into contention for the game. A couple of late goals by Redeemer saw them come away with the win. Unlucky team, keep trying!

Our 5/6 team faced a strong opponent in Sheldon. The Sheldon team played with confidence and skill. Our SMC team did a fantastic job to stay in the match but ultimately were defeated by Sheldon. Keep working hard.

GBC Secondary

Junior 1sts Boys Volleyball: Loss 2-1
Our Junior 1sts Boys Volleyball team showcased remarkable determination in a nail-biting match. Although they narrowly fell short, losing by just two points in the third set, their performance was commendable. Let’s rally behind them as they continue to sharpen their skills for future victories.

Junior Boys AFL: Win 54-13
Cheers erupted as our Junior Boys AFL team secured a resounding victory with a score of 54-13! Demonstrating exceptional teamwork and playing to their strengths, each player contributed to this well-deserved win. Congratulations, boys, on a stellar performance!

Intermediate 2nds Boys Volleyball: Loss 2-0
Our Intermediate Boys Volleyball team engaged in close battles and thrilling rallies, showcasing their determination and skill. Although the outcome didn’t favour us this time, their resilience promises exciting matches ahead.

Junior 2nds Girls Basketball: Win 19-16
Despite starting with a six-point deficit, our Junior 2nds Girls Basketball team staged a remarkable comeback, clinching victory with a final score of 19-16. Their perseverance and teamwork were truly inspiring!

Senior 1sts Girls Basketball: Loss 20-36

Our Senior 1sts Girls Basketball team demonstrated unwavering determination and skill in a fiercely competitive match. Although the outcome remains unknown, their strong start and commendable performance are testaments to their dedication.

Junior 1sts Girls Basketball: Loss 33-26

In their debut game, our Junior 1sts Girls Basketball team exhibited potential and individual skill. Despite the loss, they showed promise for growth and improvement as they continue to develop throughout the season.

Intermediate 1sts Girls Basketball: Win 27-7

With the momentum from rigorous training sessions, our Intermediate 1sts Girls Basketball team dominated the court, securing a convincing win with a score of 27-7. Their progress and determination bode well for a strong push towards the finals.

Intermediate 1sts Boys Volleyball: Loss 2-0

Our Intermediate 1sts Boys Volleyball team demonstrated the application of skills learned in training, despite facing a close defeat. With their resilience and commitment, they are poised for future successes.

Other News

New Basketball Court – Coming Soon

New Basketball Court – Coming Soon

Staines Memorial College is dedicated to providing excellent facilities for our students to pursue their passions, whatever they may be.

In response to the expansion of our sports program, we are currently building a new outdoor basketball court and an indoor volleyball court.

Construction is underway, and we’re excited to share pictures of the site where our new basketball court will be located. Stay tuned for updates!

Devotion – You Need God’s Help

Devotion – You Need God’s Help

Self-help books and motivational speakers are like cheerleaders standing on the sidelines shouting, ‘You can do it!’ They can be helpful, but if the ‘you can do it’ philosophy always held true, we wouldn’t need God. Paul understood this. That’s why he wrote, ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me’ (Philippians 4:13 NKJV). Discovering the will of God requires faith for the impossible and a childlike dependence on Him. The Bible is full of men and women who discovered their destiny in the perfect will of God by doing things that would ordinarily have been impossible to do on their own.

Year 11 Camp

Year 11 Camp

This Week our Year 11s went on a 3-day camp. On the camp students learned how to abseil and engaged in a range of team-building activities.

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