Staines Memorial College

Year 11 Hospitality Students Tell Christmas Story Through Gingerbread

Over the last 2 weeks, our Year 11 Hospitality students have been making and decorating gingerbread cookies to creatively portray the Christmas story.  

The Christmas Story

Scene 1 – The Christmas Story Title

Scene 2 – Mary and Joeseph prepare for the baby after a visit from the angel Gabriel 

Scene 3 – The Inn keeper let Mary and Joseph stay in his stable in Bethlehem 

Scene 4 – Jesus was born in a Stable in a Manger 

Scene 5 – The 3 wise men in the East saw a star and knew the new king was born 

Scene 6 – The angel appeared to Shepherds and told them the son of God had been born in Bethlehem

Scene 7 – The shepherds are going to visit baby Jesus

Scene 8 – The Wise men give gifts to Jesus

Scene 9 – Joseph had a dream where the angel Gabriel said to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt where he will be safe

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