Welfare Co-ordinators

To provide leadership and management of pastoral duties, behaviour development and other activities associated with effective holistic Christian Care for students within a stage of learning P-2, Y3-6, Y7-9, and Y10-12.


Welfare Coordinators perform the following tasks:

  • Establish and maintain good working relationships with staff, students, and families.
  • Lead and support programs / activities that (a) develop students’ special talents and skills asindividuals, (b) enhance their ability to reach their maximum potential for God.
  • Exercise leadership of student welfare for all students in their ‘stage’. This will include overseeing enrolments, class placements and monitoring ongoing student needs including behaviour support in order to ensure effective learning for all class members. This task needs to be completed cooperatively with other staff in the Student Welfare Team.
  • Exercise strong interpersonal skills and the capacity to develop and sustain productive relationships within and beyond the school community.
  • Provide information to parents about highlights and concerns in a timely and effective manner
  • Actively monitor, encourage and evaluate student participation in curriculum programs
  • Actively encourage student participation in extracurricular events
  • Monitor and evaluate student participation in extracurricular events
  • Facilitate appropriate recognition of student success
  • Facilitate information to students and families regards student progress: academically, socially and work readiness
  • Assist development, implementation and review of personal development curricula provided in Social and Community Studies Program
  • Assist identification and development of student leadership
  • Contribute to regular Student Welfare meetings (general & specific to cases being considered