Why study Seniors at Staines

Year 10

Year 10 is a transition year. In most subjects, students are taught the skills and content in order to prepare them for Years 11 and 12. Students in Year 10 also complete a Certificate II in Workplace Practices, which provides them with a ‘head start’ in collecting credits for their Queensland Certificate of Education.

In Year 10, students may choose to specialise in Performing Arts (Music and Drama) or Visual Art, and specialise in Home Economics or Design and Technology (including Graphics). Students will study their chosen subjects for the full year.


Year 11 -12

In Years 11 and 12, subjects are informed by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA).A high proportion of our staff who teach Year 11 and 12 subjects are Panel members.

This means that they have been recognised for their detailed knowledge of the content that needs to be taught, and the skills that need to be demonstrated in assessment. This provides our students with the opportunity to achieve at their very best.There are many pathways to achieving an educational goal.

For students selecting a University (OP) Pathway, it is recommended that they select from the Authority Subjects listed. Students are required to complete a minimum of five Authority subjects to be eligible for an OP. Non-Authority subjects do not count towards an OP, but do provide credits for the Queensland Certificate of Education. Students are required to complete an English and Mathematics subject.

The following subject lines indicate what we intend to offer from 2015. Final offerings are provided dependent of student numbers in selecting a subject. Families are encouraged to discuss subject choices with the Careers Facilitator, Pastoral Care Teachers and the Head of Teaching and Learning


















The Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE)

The QCE is a school based qualification awarded to young people at the completion of their senior phase of learning, usually at the end of Year 12. It confirms a students’ achievement of a significant amount of learning at a set standard of achievement, and having met literacy and numeracy requirements.

The QCE recognises a broad range of learning options and offers flexibility in what, where and when learning occurs. All learning undertaken and achievements are recorded in a learning account. These achievements are then converted to credits. As activities and studies are completed, the credits are banked and the learning account grows, just like a bank account. Different types of learning attract different credit values. A credit is the minimum amount of learning at the set standard that can contribute towards the QCE. Students must have at least 20 credits to be awarded a QCE.

Students at Staines Memorial College are provided with an abundance of opportunity to achieve their QCE by the time they complete Year 12. Successful completion of the following courses provide QCE Credits:Authority and Authority Registered- Sound Achievement (SA1 or higher) at EXIT (Year 12) provide up to 4 QCE Credits.


Vocational Educational Training (VET)

The delivery of all VET subjects are bound by the Australian Quality Training Framework (2007), are supported by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or TAFE. These subjects provide opportunities to gain QCE Credits.

Certificate I Courses (Such as Certificate I in Construction provide 2-3 QCE credits.
Certificate II Courses (Such as: Certificate II in Work Place Practices (Studied during Year 10) and Certificate II in Business, offered in Years 11-12) provide 4 QCE credits.
Certificate III Courses (Such as: Certificate III in Christian Ministry, to be offered in Years 11-12 from 2015) provide 8 QCE credits.

For more information, please contact our College Administration (3814 8600) to book a meeting with our Careers Facilitator, or email careers@staines.qld.edu.au


Trade Training

Trade Training opportunities are provided to students in Years 11 and 12 in Construction,Hospitality, Boat Building and Engineering . We are an endorsed ‘Doorways to Construction’ school, providing eligible students direct pathways to apprenticeships in Construction. Work Placement is a key component of our Trade Training, as is weekly instruction by tradespeople.

Further information is available at: https://staines.qld.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/ttc-general-information.pdf