Assessment and Reporting


We have developed a balanced assessment program that provides opportunities to collect evidence of student learning using a variety of assessment techniques as part of an overall teaching and learning program.


The purpose of assessment includes:

Assessment FOR Learning: This enables teachers to use information about student progress to inform their teaching.

Assessment AS Learning:This enables students to reflect on and monitor their own progress to inform their future learning goals

Assessment OF Learning: This assists teaches to use evidence of student learning to assess student achievement against goals and standards (MCEETYA 2008, p.14)


At Staines Memorial College we consider NAPLAN to be one limited tool to measure performance in Literacy and Numeracy. In our opinion the results from the tests do not arrive in a timely way to inform delivery and make improvements.

We utilise DRA (Diagnostic Reading Assessments) for students in Prep- Year 7. We also test all students upon commencement using PAT (Progressive Assessment Tests) in both Mathematics and Comprehension, and then re-test all students at the end of Term 3 or early Term 4. We annually monitor this progress. This measure significantly informs effectiveness of learning and teaching and such data is available to parents and staff.



Reporting is the communication of information on the results of assessment of student academic progress, work habits and social behaviour. They provide feedback for a point in time with reference to the Achievement Standard to be reached by the end of the year.


Information in our written reports is provided on the student’s achievement using a Five-Point Scale. In Prep to Year 3 we use the Progression Points (Emerging, Developing, Demonstrating, Extending, Advancing). From Years 4- 12 we use an A-E scale. Students who are awarded a “C” grade (“Demonstrating” in Prep- Year 3) in their learning are defined as meeting the requirements of the Australian Curriculum (or equivalent) Achievement Standard.


The College maintains records for student’s performance, paying particular attention to the individual progress each student makes. In our opinion, the measure of progress, compared to a student’s starting point is of more value than a comparison to a national standard, especially for those who start at our College with social, emotional or learning difficulties.


At Staines Memorial College we provide:

Written documentation 3 times a year (Term 1, Semester 1 and 2)

Conferences (Early Term 2 and Term 3)


More regular contact is maintained for students working on Individual Education Plans (IEP)

Formal reporting to the College Board and government authorities occur at various times throughout the year and includes the Annual Report which is published online. The Annual Report contains data about student attendance and student performance in reading, writing and numeracy and includes comparative information against national benchmarks. The Annual Report also provides advice on student results at the end of schooling and the destinations they move to post schooling.