Stages of Learning

SMC is Co-ed Kindy to Year 12. We work hard at ensuring we are a family learning place. We value having similar processes and common events so that family groups of students can participate and their parents can see and enjoy the various events as well. E.g. For example, sports days, cultural events and parent teacher nights are scheduled to enable P-12 participation.


However there are some characteristic and needs of learning that fit into ‘stages’. To facilitate effective care and ensure personal attention our learning community is developed through 4 stages. Lower Primary (Early Childhood), Upper Primary, Junior Secondary, and Senior Secondary. There is a Student Welfare coordinator for each stage who has encouragement oversight of the students in those years. The following table identifies our stages of learning and co-ordinators.


Kindergarten K Mrs Petersen
Lower Primary P – Yr 2 Mr Marsh
Upper Primary Yr 3 – Yr 6 Mrs Abbott
Junior Secondary Yr 7 – Yr 9 Mrs Coulter
Senior Secondary Yr 10 – Yr 12 Miss Petersen


Curriculum Overview

Kindy – Year 6 (Primary Years)
In the early years curriculum, our approach to learning is play based. Throughout these years having fun and applying learning is most important.The most important skill we develop is the ability to read and express what has been learnt through reading. Second we seek to develop problem solving skills.
SMC provides a safe and supportive environment where students are nurtured and encouraged to explore, develop and excel. We use the new Australian Curriculum for English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities (History and Geography), and the Queensland Essential Learnings for all other learning areas. Specialist lessons are provided in Physical Education, Music and Chinese as part of the student’s weekly program.


Year 7 – Year 10 (Middle Years)
At SMC we aim to help students develop their God-given talents and capabilities. To do this we provide students with a broad range of learning experiences. The curriculum at the College promotes a Biblical worldview to students (including social justice issues in light of the Gospel), and a desire to be life-long learners. Students engage in a wide range of learning areas including: English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities (including History and Geography), The Arts (including Visual Art, Music, Drama), HPE (including Dance), Technology (including Design Technology, Junior Graphics, Business and Information Technology) and Biblical Living. We also provide Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy to support students and parents. From Year 8, students have a Pastoral Care teacher who stays with them and helps them on their learning journey all the way through to Year 12.
Year 11 – Year 12
SMC offers academic and vocational pathways to our Senior students. For those looking towards further study in university, students have opportunity to study a wide range of OP subjects including English, Mathematics A and B, Chemistry, Biology, Science 21, Legal Studies, Modern History, BCT, Home Economics, Drama and Visual Art, with additional Senior Subjects continually being added as we grow. Students also have the opportunity to study in our Trade Training Centre, complete Certificates in a range of VET courses, as well as studying non-OP subjects including English Communication, Prevocational Mathematics, Early Childhood Studies and Recreation Studies. (Please see the handbook for a full list of subjects.)