The aim of the College is to provide Christ-centred schooling in an atmosphere of love, respect, peace and discipline, which will encourage students to achieve their full potential for God.
Participation and competition in various sports provides development that instils healthy life habits that we value as a school. We believe there is a valuable place for team and individual sports, but do encourage more team sports. Our desire is to have as many children participate in sporting (including inter-school) opportunities. We value games where children are always on the move such as, touch, soccer, netball, basketball and AFL. We are more supportive of sports where the sporting associations provide training, coaches and / or other resources.
Students at our College all receive training and encouragement in a variety of sports through regular Physical Education classes. Further some intra-house competitions and inter-school competitions enable opportunity to develop skills, fitness, teamwork and healthy attitudes of competition and sportsmanship. Regular swimming lessons, usually in term 3 are an additional curriculum provision for all primary aged students.


To represent our College is a privilege and honour. High standards of behaviour are required before participation is allowed and standards must remain to ensure continued participation. We require that team members commit for the whole season and commit to regular practice. Attitude, availability and consistent effort are key aspects in determining team composition. In time we will have team uniforms that need to be hired from the uniform shop. This is the best way to ensure high standards of presentation with minimal cost impact for families.

As a result of our affiliation and payment of fees to the Queensland Primary Schools Sporting Associations and the Secondary Association, students who excel in a sport can seek district then regional representation. If we are aware of particular student’s strengths then as the Sports Coordinator is advised, they will inform families of trial dates. We will endeavour to provide as much notice as possible, advising you when we are advised. It is expected that parents, or a responsible family contact, will take and remain with their children to any trials. Please be aware that many sports trials are conducted after school hours.
From time to time College teams will be entered in state wide competitors, in addition to local competitions. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to be committed to a team and represent their school. We desire that students play to the best of their ability, encourage teamwork, and value sportsmanship. However we will not send teams that are so under-strength that the experience is a negative one for the students. We also do not want to enter competitions that offer low standards or where children spend lots of time travelling for a brief period of activity.


Athletics, Cross Country, Swimming and Ball Games
The College conducts annual Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming Carnivals and in time will add an inter-house Ball Games (primary students) to the calendar. From these carnivals we select teams to represent the College at Christian Schools Australia (Qld) carnivals. We also support children who seek participation at higher-level competitions through the Regional (Met West) Sports Associations.
At our Athletics, Cross Country and Ball Games, the focus for the Prep to Year 4 students is developmental. There are events for all students in these grades but many events are modified. Participation is the focus. (Age champions are not identified.)
For students from age 10 and up there is usually opportunity for the best students in each event to represent the College at District carnivals. Therefore, for students in Years 5 -12 we seek to identify and recognise the best athletes in events, and we identify an Age Champion.

Primary Sport – Team sports
We currently belong to the Central District Primary Sports Association which comprises Camira SS, Collingwood Park SS, Dinmore SS, Goodna SS, Kruger SS, Redbank SS, Redbank Plains SS, Riverview SS, Springfield Lakes SS, Woodcrest State College, Westside Christian College, Springfield College, St Augustine’s College, and St Francis Xavier Primary.
Team sport competitions for this Association are conducted on a Friday afternoon, in school hours, There is a “summer” and “winter” season each year. We seek to field teams where teacher resources, student numbers and abilities allow.

Secondary Sport – Team Sports
We belong to the Secondary Independent Schools District and as such are then affiliated with the Combined Ipswich Secondary Schools Sports Association (CISSSA) who organise weekly interschool sport for all schools in the area. A separate handout “Secondary Sporting Opportunities” describes the opportunities for representative sport for our students. This is updated annually. The Sports Coordinator is the best person to advise you about current opportunities.
Team sport opportunities in the Ipswich area occur after school hours. We therefore need parent support and participation if opportunities for student’s participation are to be maximised. Depending on the convenors arrangements and the number of schools nominating a team, the timing of the events and the location of venues varies. Some travel to Boonah or Rosewood is a possibility. Therefore participants need to finish a game around 5pm.


Swimming Lessons
Beneficiaries: Prep –Year 7
The Council pool provides a valuable extension to our College facilities and is an ideal swimming solution to meet the HPE requirements of the State Syllabus.
All children must participate unless withdrawn for medical or other parent-college agreed reasons. That is, swimming is an important part of the curriculum like mathematics or science. While this is the case, to inform parents that our swimming program is taking place a note at the beginning of each swimming season should be sent home to gain fresh acknowledgement that children do not have any circumstances that prevent them from swimming; no child should enter the water until an up-to-date swimming permission form is obtained. Children who are not swimming need to attend the pool with their class teacher and undertake observations of lessons and/or pool safety worksheets. No child should be left at school unless they have misbehaved at the pool to the degree that the pool staff or teachers believe a timeout from swimming is necessary because of safety issues.
As part of the conduct of training for an event and conduct of an event, it is required that the Coordinator undertake appropriate risk assessment. It is required that he / she acts to ensure all staff are aware of their reasonable duties, and arrange for appropriate training as needed. For the duration of the event the Coordinator /s then supervises the conduct of staff duties.. An evaluation at the conclusion of the event / season, provided to a supervisor will further assist in ensuring students and staff safety and enjoyment.
For all contact sports the College will seek to ensure a qualified first aid person is available should an emergency arise. All staff are provided basic first aid refresher training opportunities each year. In the event that a student is injured at an event, the College office needs to be contacted as soon as possible, so the parent can be advised and make an informed decision about the student’s care and transportation. When travelling to sporting event a basic first aid kit should be taken. With the kit is a College mobile phone that to be used for emergencies and for staying in Contact with the College.

An Incident Form (available from the office) needs to be completed on the day of the incident. If the child needs transportation due to the injury, and prompt contact with the child’s parent / carer cannot be made, then an ambulance should be called.
“Workplace Health & Safety”
“Inclusive Education Policy”
“Secondary Sporting Opportunities at Staines”,
“Central District Sports Handbook,
“Christian Schools Sports Handbook”,
“CISSSA Handbook”,
“First Aid & Drugs Policy”
“Incident form”
“Excursion Application Form” (includes planning and risk assessment data and guides