Staines Memorial College provides chaplaincy and student welfare services. Part of these services are provided under the funding of the Australian Government National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program. The aims of this program are to support the spiritual, social and emotion well-being of the students at our College. The Chaplain provides an opportunity for students to seek individual support, and also assists in organising programs within the College with the aim of supporting all students. Engagement with the chaplaincy services provided by the Australian Government National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program is on a voluntary basis. At Staines, the work of our chaplains are closely linked to the work of other support structures within our school in areas such as student management. Our chaplains are also able to refer students and families to other agencies where appropriate.
If families don’t wish for their child to have access to chaplaincy services under the Australian Government National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Program, they should notify their Head of School in writing. If a student or parent wishes to raise a concern regarding the funded chaplaincy program, they should report this though the College complaints handling procedure. The College consults parents via community briefings and other surveys to ensure there is an ongoing endorsement for funded chaplaincy services at Staines.


Discipleship booklets and devotionals

Discipleship Booklets
For students who want to go deeper in their understanding of God there are ‘Growing in God’ study booklets available for students starting in grade 7. A discipleship booklet is completed in their own time every term and a certificate is received for each term that they complete it. They can continue for as long as they want into their high school years.



Many students in the College from grade 4-12 voluntarily receive free Vision180 daily devotionals for their personal daily quiet times throughout the week. Each devotional booklet has enough readings for 3 months.

Parent Group

‘Christianity Explained’ groups

This 6 week, 1 hour per week, ‘Christianity Explained’ course provides an introduction to the Christian faith and completion of Christianity Explained will assist parents to better understand the College’s Christian ethos and goals. It is for this reason we ask all new families to participate in the course. Having a common understanding of what we believe and what we teach will better assist the development of the students at Staines. The course is conducted in an informal non-threatening manner with opportunity to ask questions and discuss if desired.  Often the course ends by meeting together for dinner at a restaurant as new relationships have been formed throughout.  The course is available every term at a time that works best for the participants.


‘Come to me’ groups

This 7 week, 1-1 ½ hour per week, ‘Come to Me’ course provides a deeper more personal look at the Christian faith and what it means to know and walk with God. It continues on from the ‘Christianity Explained’ course.  Many parents who do the ‘Christianity Explained’ course choose to continue on with others in the group to do this course the following term.


If you require any further information concerning any of the above groups or to RSVP please don’t hesitate to contact Chaplain Peter Jenyns on 3814 8600.

Father and Son Activities

 Annual Father/Son Getaway

Fathers and sons spend a long weekend at Somerset Dam kicking a football, swinging a cricket bat,   playing mini golf, going out on a boat, casting a fishing line, going for a swim, sitting around the campfire, munching on good food and sharing our stories and experiences surrounding the issues of fatherhood.  Besides a lot of free time, each year we have a guest presenter share on subjects relating to masculinity.


Father/Son Nerf battles with free BBQ’s

Once a term Fathers and sons get together for a nerf battle followed by a free BBQ.


 If you require any further information concerning any of the above activites or to RSVP please don’t hesitate to contact Chaplain Peter Jenyns on 3814 8600.


Blokes Groups

The Blokes groups are designed to provide support and guidance for young male students as they develop into men. To achieve this goal the Chaplain meets with 3-5 students together for a class period once a week for the duration of terms 2-4 in order to build lifelong skills of persistence, resilience and confidence and to build strong positive relationships. Blokes group is a specialised and individualised component of the Health program we offer.

Blokes Group time will be focussed on life-related discussions and activities that foster mental, emotional, spiritual and physical development. This program is designed to assist males of all levels of maturity and development. It is offered to all grade 9’s but it is up to the individual students as to whether they would like to be involved. We also provide parents with the opportunity to not allow their son to participate, although we expect most families to be involved, seeing the benefits of their son’s participation. We believe the program will help young males learn to make better decisions. To make sure students who are interested in the program are mature enough and ready they will first meet with the Chaplain Peter Jenyns to discuss their interest further.

The general elements of the Blokes group time include the following:
1. Interactive activities and discussions for relationship development.
2. Discussions with visiting men about what it means to be a man.
3. Participation in question and discussion times on life related matters based on question cards handed in by the participants and pre-planned topics.
4. General physical training work using pads and exercise. On completion of the program participants will receive recognition for demonstrating perseverance and discipline towards the mastery of a range of pad work techniques.

After grade 9 students can continue on in a modified version of Blokes groups in grades 10-12. These groups will often begin to show leadership by preparing and leading small groups for younger students as part of the program.


Blokes Squads


Blokes Squads are an opportunity for male students to learn the importance of serving and making a difference in the local community. Teams of grade 10 or 11 students go out for half a day into the community to do some work around someone’s house or provide other practical support.  We get in contact with people in need of practical support through local Pastors.


Blokes Hikes

White Rock National Park initiation hike for grade 9 boys
As part of the grade 9 Blokes groups students participate in an initiation hike in White Rock National Park at the end of the year. This hike involves 3 ceremonies that symbolise the transition from being a boy to being a man.

Lamington National Park hike for grade 10 boys
As an extension of the male development program grade 10 boys who would like to can participate in an all day hike at Lamington National Park with other older male role models. A BBQ lunch is provided.

Mount Warning hike for grade 11 boys
As an extension of the male development program grade 11 boys who would like to can participate in an all day hike at Mount Warning National Park with other older male role models.


ACTIVE groups

Teams of students (ACTIVE teams) meet throughout the week to organise and lead groups involving students from other year levels. These gatherings are called ‘ACTIVE groups’. Whereas ‘LIFE groups’ have a heavier focus on personal development in the context of interactive community ‘ACTIVE groups’ give opportunities for students to grow in confidence and leadership abilities through organising groups, leading activities and discussions, and sharing with other students. Access to the ‘ACTIVE teams’ list is via approaching one of the Chaplains. All students involved participate or attend on a voluntary basis.