Our Story

The Staines Family


Staines Memorial College is built from the ground up on strong Christian values. We are family focused, big enough to offer choice but small enough to care and live by our motto, ‘Excel with Grace’. The list below as well as the testimony of others should convince you that Staines Memorial College is not just a school but a place of mental, physical and spiritual growth. We invite you to come and share a coffee with us and take look around at our next school open day.

About Staines Memorial College

  • Independent Christian school: declaring Jesus Christ as Lord
  • Committed Christian staff modelling what God commands: love God and love others
  • Challenging students with a Bible-based curriculum which also meets all government and tertiary entrance requirements.
  • Pastoral care and chaplaincy support for students and parents.
  • Learning to show grace to others including children in the Staines Hostel in India, and Christian Community Schools in Nepal
  • Academic and Vocational pathways
  • Industry supported Trade Training Centres (Construction, Hospitality, Boat Building)
  • A growing range of extra-curriculum activities including sporting and cultural activities.
  • Affordable fees
  • Our own bus service to surrounding areas.
  • Excellent Extension & Learning Support programs
  • “Dare to lead” Coalition member- federally approved Reconciliation Action Plan
  • “Mind Matters” School – national recognition for support of students
  • Asthma friendly school
  • Peanut Free school


“My child came home today and told me that today was the best day she had ever had at keyboard. She was very excited to tell me about her keyboard lesson. I am so glad she is enjoying it.”

“This school is very good. My daughter is doing very well!”

“2012 was my son’s first year at Staines, and was the happiest year of his life. I am extremely pleased with both Staines MC and my son’s progress. It is such a relief to have found what we were looking for”. – High school parent.

“I just wanted to send a quick thank you, for enrolling our daughter into Staines.
Her grades have improved and she is excited about going to school and learning. She is back to her normal again. Could you please pass on my appreciation to Mr Sands”.

“Staines has provided the christian education for my children that we wanted”. – Primary school family.

“I’m really happy with the way my family is cared for at Staines Memorial College”. – Parent of family of 4 students.

“For a small school, Staines has a lot to offer” – A high school parent.

“Thank you for having me host the Hula Hooping at your under eights day last week. It was an absolute pleasure to be part of your event. Your students are an asset to your school, they were very well mannered and respectful”. – Hula Hoop instructor.


Our College Houses


On entry to Staines Memorial College families are assigned to a College house. Competitions exist within the school for sport, arts and academic pursuits. These competitions are organised between College houses.

IMG_3581Proverbs 21:21
Those who pursue righteousness and kindness, find life and honour.

The focus of any house competition is to encourage student participation in a diverse range of activities, to build a sense of community, to develop team work and to develop pride in their own and other’s achievements.

Our House names were chosen in honour of families who have faithfully served our God in service away from their ‘homes’. Each family has demonstrated an adventurous pioneering spirit where physical, intellectual and spiritual abilities and endurance was essential. Within each family one person stands out, but that person could not have been effective without their family’s prayer and practical support. Our House Names: Brand & Elliot & Liddell. Their respective Mascots and colours are: Bear – Red & Black, Eagle – Green & Yellow, Leopard (Snow) – Blue & Whte. *NB The mascots are native to the country in which the families worked.

Jim Elliot was unsure for a time whether God wanted him to work in India or South America. He went to Ecuador to tell of God’s love to people who only knew of feuds and revenge. While at school he was very involved in acting and sport. His art interests contributed to his becoming an architect. After his death at the hands of the people he was working for, his wife continued the work demonstrating God’s grace.

Evie (Evelyn) Brand pioneered work in India, working among neglected people, particularly children, for more than 50 years. She was affectionately known as “Granny”. Such was her fitness and passion that up until her death in her 90’s, she worked in the mountainous regions of India bringing hope and healing.

Eric Liddell continued the work of his parents in China. He worked as a teacher; spending time developing students sports abilities. He later worked with his brother among rural people. Some of his story is known through the movie “Chariots of Fire”. He represented his country in two sports. He found pleasure in sport and serving His God.