Mind Matters

In November of 2012 Staines Memorial College was recognised as a MindMattersTM College for the work we are doing in regards to catering for student wellbeing and mental health. This was a great honour for our College as no other school, state or independent was recognised that year as a MindMattersTM school or college. Since then Staines Memorial College has formed a close partnership with the MindMattersTM organisation to address Mental Health, student wellbeing and Student Empowerment.

Anyone who works in a school or college can and does have an impact on the mental health and wellbeing of students. This is why at Staines Memorial College all staff are trained in the basics and fundamentals of the MindMattersTM program. MindMatters is a school or college based mental health and wellbeing initiative. The aim of MindMattersTM is to build the capacity of schools and colleges to promote social and emotional wellbeing, student empowerment and mental health.


What MindMattersTM means at Staines Memorial College
The MindMattersTM program in partnership with Staines Memorial College allows for;

  • A College wide approach and awareness of mental health issues
  • Quality student leadership training and preparation
  • Confident staff and students in helping with mental health
  • Safe College environment
  • Skilled and knowledgeable staff
  • Building positive relationships across the College
  • Raising future leaders
  • Access to information and practical workshops

Staines Memorial College will continue to work with MindMattersTM, staff, parents, community and students to provide a holistic education for the all students.