Staines Memorial College


A seamless education from Kindy to Year 12.


Wondering how everything works leads the children into a range of learning opportunities expertly weaved together to make the introduction of early literacy and numeracy an everyday event. 

Children develop socially through rich interaction with educators and increasing interaction with peers. 


Acquiring successful learning habits and foundations in literacy and numeracy. Exploring and making connections between acquired knowledge and real-life experiences.

Fostering positive character traits and the social and emotional skills for a smooth transition into new learning areas.

Years 1-6

Mastering the essentials and developing a deeper understanding of key concepts and how to apply them. 

Expanding valuable skills in both self-discipline and working as part of a team in a safe learning environment.

Year 7

Refining abilities and challenging individuals to put their skills, knowledge and beliefs into practice.

Encouraging godly character and an awareness of the responsibilities that come with opportunities.

Years 8-12

Committing to and promoting a positive transition into adulthood – filled with hope, adventure and excellence. 

Achieving the qualifications and confidence to succeed professionally and instilling values of compassion and justice to bring the light of Jesus into communities.

What Does Our Community Say?

Google Reviews written by our students, parents and grandparents. 

Kindergarten, Primary & Secondary

At Staines, students of varying age groups are all on the one campus. This enables intergenerational interactions and fosters empathy, compassion, and mentorship. Younger students look up to older ones as role models, while older students gain a sense of responsibility by guiding their younger peers.


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How to Enrol

Enrolling at Staines is easy. Below is an outline of the Enrolment Process. For a full step-by-step guide, see our Enrolment Page. 



Schedule a time for you and your family to visit our school. Our friendly Enrolments team will give you a free guided tour, answer any questions you have and give you all the information you need to get started. 



To apply, you will need to:

  • Submit an Online Enquiry
  • Submit an Enrolment Application form (with supporting documentation)
  • Participate in student testing and meet the principal.



Following the interview, the College will contact you to confirm whether a placement is offered or not.

If a place is offered, the College will provide you with an enrolment contract to sign along with additional document including information regarding fee payment.

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