Fee Information

2019 Schedule of Fees

Kindergarten Please refer to Kindergarten documentation


Tuition Fees Annual Fee
Prep to Year 6 $3,670
Year 7 $4,600
Year 8 to Year 9 $4,780
Year 10 to Year 12 $5,450

Sibling Discounts

Second student $400 discount on Primary tuition charges
$600 discount on Secondary tuition charges
Third and subsequent students No charge for tuition fees

Payment Discount

Full payment by February 1, 2019 $150 discount per fee-paying student

Approved Payment Options

Payment in full (see above)
Payment by Direct Debit, Credit Card Authority or Centrepay
The frequency and amount of direct debit payments are arranged to suit individual financial situations
Pro-rata discounts apply for students commencing after the beginning of Term 1
Please note:

  1. The College reserves the right to charge $150 per fee paying student per annum where accounts are paid by any other method not approved by the College. This will be applied pro-rata at the end of each school term, based on a review of your account.
  2. Any bank fees in relation to returned direct debits or Payway payments will be on-charged on the fee statement at the discretion of the College.

Additional Costs

BYOD — Years 6 to 12 students are required to have a device which meets minimum standards.
See https://staines.qld.edu.au/byod/ for more details on the Staines Memorial College BYOD program.
Annual Building Levy of $500 per family per year
Working bee levy of $100 per family — this can be eliminated by completing eight hours of agreed service during the school year
Uniforms and stationery requirements
Extra-curricular excursions
 A few specialised Secondary subjects (see Curriculum Handbook for details)
Courses delivered by external providers (eg Distance Education and TAFE)
Bus transportation to and from the College (if required)
Instrumental music tuition (if required)

Creditable Enrolment Confirmation Fee

For Prep to Year 12 students, there is a $150 per fee-paying student payable to the College at the time of interview with the Principal. This amount will be fully credited against tuition fees in Term 4.
For Kindergarten students, a non-refundable fee of $100 per fee-paying student is payable at the time of interview with the Principal / Kindy Director.

Kindergarten Please refer to Kindergarten documentation