Faith in Action

The FIA is a group of dedicated parents, carers and community members who endeavour to support the students of the College. The team enjoys making a difference. Some FIA members are able to meet together and as they do they can pray for students, their families and staff, and at the same time enjoy helping others. Other volunteers, through time constraints just help, without having the opportunity to work with other adults. All help is valued. 

FIA team members are volunteers who upon completing an induction program, help around the College in a variety of ways. Some helpers commit to raising funds, some assist the uniform shop, some regularly cover books, some come to working bees, some help children with reading and /or improving maths, some parents help with special events, like sports days, talent quest and awards presentation. 

Faith in Action are not a P&C, and so do not involve themselves in College policy making or governance. The FIA Team are advised on College developments and their opinions on a range of matters are invited at meetings. Their input is appreciated.    

Volunteers, particularly those involved in fund raising, meet regularly. Staff like Mrs Alyssa Goh and Mr Adam Marsh support our vital group of volunteers, attending meetings as much as possible as well as being a coordinating link for the helpers who come in at other times. 

FIA would love to have more parents and carers involved and appreciate any ideas or suggestions that you may have. If you wish to be part of this exciting team do not hesitate to contact the College. The timing of meetings is usually set at the start of each year. In 2018 they met fortnightly on Wednesday afternoons at the College. 2019 meeting dates are set on the odd weeks of term (i.e. week 1, week 3 etc). Currently the meeting is being held during Coffee and Chat Wednesday mornings from 8:30am in the T-Zone, but is subject to change. You can get in contact with the leaders using . 

Money raised in the last few years has provided: 

  • extra reading books, 
  • extra sporting equipment, 
  • extra music equipment, 
  • playground equipment, and 
  • equipment for performing arts.

Another and significant beneficiary of funds raised was additional support of children who need specialised, point in time, help. As an example, the FIA team have provided some meals and donations to families going through particularly challenging times. 

Fundraising activities for the College that have been organised include; Mother’s and Father’s Day Stalls and regular tuckshop days. The team also seeks sponsorship and government grants for a range of projects and always appreciates community support of their efforts. 

At the end of the year we hold a special recognition event for all our volunteers as a way of saying thank you. All helpers are encouraged to set aside the last Tuesday evening of Term 4 and meet some of the people who make a significant difference for our students. 

Additional documents are available on request at the Administration to assist you gain a greater understanding: FIA Policy & Procedures, FIA Explained, Fund Raising Policy.