Strategic Plan

God made us for relationships: to love Him, and love others as we love ourselves. Therefore building quality relationships, based on an understanding of who Christ is and what He has done. (The College community includes all students, parents, volunteers, employees, board members.)
Building a Christ-centred College community


  • To develop a Christ-centred environment that submits to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
  • To develop, deepen and apply Biblical truths to all areas of our operations.
  • Build strong effective relational teams.
  • To preserve and develop symbols of positive College culture, heritage and purpose within the College community.


Extending our influence

Jesus calls us to be His witnesses in Judea, Samaria and ends of the earth. Our wider community consists of the precincts around our Colleges, the extended families of our students as well as destinations for mission trips, like Mayurbhanj, India and Nepal, where we present Jesus Christ.


  • To develop and maintain a proactive Christian testimony within the local and wider community.
  • To have a deliberate mission focus, looking beyond the College in sharing God’s blessings with others. This will include working in our local community, the Mayurbhanj community in India and some Badi communities in Nepal.


Teaching and learning

Students are taught about Christ. Starting from the Bible we consider ‘what is reality’, ‘how do we know’ and ‘how then should we live’? We teach formally and informally Christian truths and values as well as the Australian curriculum.


  • To provide students with a broad curriculum that reflects our Christian worldview, points to the awe of God and His creation, and challenges students with God’s message of hope.
  • To enable the development of effective teaching and learning strategies which caters for the God ordained diversity of learning styles, thinking skills and individual needs of students.
  • Through the provision of quality resources, develop a rich learning environment which allows for the development of excellence, individuality, and interdependence so that each student can achieve their full potential.
  • To use learning technologies as a tool to enhance the curriculum delivery and learning experience.


Welfare of students

Attending to a student’s spiritual development and the management of social interactions, including behaviours, is integral to developing men and women of God. We encourage each student to strive for their personal best, developing the gifts and talents their Maker has provided.


  • To provide full-time spiritual, emotional and social support to all students.
  • To facilitate strong student leadership within the College.
  • To encourage a culture of high performance in all aspects of student life both in and out of College.
  • To support students in our College who have needs that require enriching and support, including gifted and talented students, disadvantaged students (James 1:27), at-risk students and underperforming students.


Welfare of staff

Meeting staff social, emotional and learning needs demonstrate Christian care. It involves each member providing attention to staff well-being, professional development, and employment conditions.


  • Foster a strong sense of unity in Christ and belonging within the staff community (Col 3).
  • To ensure staff have a clear understanding of our mission and vision, are supported to function effectively within the college and enabled to carry out their duties.


Providing facilities and equipment

College facilities and equipment need to be efficiently and effectively developed, used and maintained to enable our Mission.


  • Ensure the site Master Plan addresses current and future staff, student and curriculum needs.
  • Ensure that facilities and equipment provided are safe, cost effective and ensure the learning needs of the College community are met.


Management and administration

God honours excellence. Our operations exist to facilitate the mission and philosophy of our Colleges.


  • To ensure the College actively focuses on the educational welfare of students, especially their eternal health and safety, in a workplace health & safe environment.
  • To ensure that the legislated obligations of the College are met through effective and efficient policies and practices.
  • To develop and refine processes to support excellent teaching and learning, and effective welfare of students.

Key strategies designed to implement the “goals” of this plan are developed and reviewed annually by teams within the College. The teams report to the College Executive. The SMC Operational Plan articulates the specific yearly plans. This Operational Plan is one of a series of planning documents for the College. Related Document: “SMC Planning Processes summary”