Our College

“Building a community for eternity” through Christ-centred schooling in an atmosphere of love, respect, peace and discipline which will encourage students to achieve their full potential for God.

Staines Memorial is an attractive affordable schooling option for families in Ipswich. We are committed to working with families to help them discover God’s love and respond to His love. The first and most important school for a child is their family. We believe that the education of young people is a shared responsibility. Parents and teachers are role models and so have the privilege and responsibility to be the best they can.

This will involve staff and parents participating in learning to improve their understanding and skills. Our College has a non-denominational Christian ethos and caters for children from a wide variety of Christian backgrounds and traditions. It also caters for families who – though not necessarily Christian themselves desire a Christian school culture and educational experience for their children. All staff are committed Christian people from various denominational backgrounds selected for their professional competence as well as for their sense of calling to the ministry of a Christian school.

We are a Christian Community Ministry (CCM) school and so work closely with sister schools across Australia. Additionally we benefit from relationships with a range of training organisations through-out Queensland, and through our membership of Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ). We focus on training young people to learn to depend on God, give of their best in all circumstances and not limit their potential. In God’s kingdom, He needs professionals and tradespeople – one type of career is not more important than another. In 1 Corinthians 12 we read of how even the least is most important and that we all need each other.