Enrolment Process

First Contact

  • Face to face, phone or email enquiry
  • Attend a tour of the College
  • Attend an information session


Commence the Enrolment Process

  • Application can be submitted by post, email or in person
  • To ensure a timely enrolment process please include:
    • Application form, with $150 appliction fee, per fee paying student *
    • Child’s birth certificate
    • Recent reports & relevant information


Enrolment Consideration

  • The College will review the application
  • Further testing may be required for some students


Enrolment Interview

  • The College will contact you to arrange a suitable time
  • You will meet with a Senior Staff member


Securing a Placement

  • The College will contact you to advise if a place is secured. If so,
    • Required forms are to be submitted
    • College will issue Enrolment Contract to be signed and submitted by you.


Getting ready for Day 1

  • Registrar will arrange a start date with you
  • You will receive an information letter and receipt
  • Purchase uniforms and booklists

*This fee will be credited to your fee account. This is non-refundable.