Policy and Procedures

At Staines Memorial College we systematically review our policy and procedures in light of experience and as a consequence of ongoing government legislative changes.

The Board of the College is the approving authority for all Policy. A part of their responsibility is policy formulation and review, particularly as it relates to your child’s prospective enrolment and safety. Please see below for current College Policy & Procedure documents. Documents available to parents on request include:

    • Access and Equity Policy
    • Anti-Bullying & Harassment Policy
    • Anti-Discrimination Policy
    • Assessment Policy & Procedures including Special Considerations
    • Child (Student) Protection Policy
    • Code of Conduct
    • Complaints Processing Policy & Procedures
    • Computer Policy
    • Conditions of Enrolment
    • Copyright Policy
    • Curriculum @ Staines
    • Dress Code Policy
    • Drugs Policy (includes reference to prescribed medication)
    • Emergency Procedures
    • Enrichment Policy, Procedures & Forms(NB Enrichment may be described as Special Needs in some schools)
    • Enrolment Policy
    • Inclusive Education Policy
    • Leave Procedures
    • Homework Policy
    • Mobile Phones and Other Electronic Technologies Policy
    • Privacy Policy
    • Responsible Behaviour Plan
    • Responsible Behaviour Agreement
    • Responsible Behaviour Expectations
    • Restraint of Student
    • School Based Apprenticeships & Traineeships Policy
    • Standard Collection Notice
    • Student Travel
    • Sun Safe Strategy
    • Workplace Health & Safety Policy & Manual

You are encouraged to seek clarification on any issues outlined in the documents you seek.

Yours sincerely
Norton Sands, Principal

John Lyndon, CEO of CCM